White House: No Israeli Meeting Was Requested, Phone Call with PM

I love Haaretz.  In addition to the American news sources I read,  Haaretz is one of the two Israeli news sources I consult every day.  In this case, however, their sources were in error when they reported that Obama has refused to meet with Netanyahu in New York when the Prime Minister is scheduled to speak at a U.N. Conference.

According to both the White House and the Prime Minister’s office, no such request was made.   While Netanyahu is working on getting his own country behind his approach to the threats from Iran, he and Obama continue to work on the Iran issue behind closed doors, which is probably better than discussing national security issues in public, just like every other past President has.     Here’s the statement from the White House press office on their call this morning. Read more

Blog: The 2012 Democratic Convention: We’re All In This Together

Charlotte was a whirlwind of Democratic party energy and activity.   Having attended six conventions (2 as a volunteer, 2 as a pledged delegate and one each as a DNC-member elect and then as a DNC member), you learn that there is never enough time to meet everyone you need to and not enough shoe leather to enable you to get around.

Everywhere I went, I sensed the enthusiasm and excitement for this ticket and I heard the same theme throughout about what it will take to get out of this crisis: “we are all in this together.” Read more