DNC & Politics

cropped-lachman-dnc-logo-finals-300dpi-02.pngI am proud to serve as one of twenty elected members of the Democratic National Committee from California and chair of the DNC Small Business Owners Council.

I started my activism in the party as an ADEM representative and California Young Democrat and eventually was elected to E-Board, as a caucus chair and then DNC Member.

Even when I served as legislative staff to State Senator Curren Price and Congressman Ted Lieu, I continued my own grassroots involvement in the party, staying accessible to answer questions, attending Dem club events, passing along concerns to the DNC and speaking out when necessary against policies that I felt were not reflective of our values as Democrats.

This March, the Executive Board of the California Democratic Party will be voting for 20 DNC members (10 men and 10 women) to be California’s elected DNC members. At least two incumbents are not running again, opening up the opportunity for new faces and new and diverse voices and I will support more diversity to fill those seats.

A Record of Grassroots Responsiveness and Leadership.

When I first got involved with the party, I rarely saw my DNC members or knew who they were. When I ran for DNC I resolved to take my experience and do something different.

I have made transparency and accessibility a central point in my time on the DNC. This year alone, I have been to 10 region meetings from Fresno and the Bay Area to Los Angeles and San Bernardino County, and attended county Democratic party events in San Francisco, Santa Barbara, Ventura Orange, San Diego and Los Angeles counties

I believe I have been a responsive DNC Member, attending meetings of the DNC, the DNC Small Business Owner’s Council (which I chair) and the Western States Caucus of the DNC, representing the positions of the CDP, as well as relaying back updates and seeking input from Democratic activists.

I am proud to have received over 170 endorsements from current CDP E-Board Members for my re-election.

Here are some of the other things I have done as a DNC Member.

  • Voted to reduce the influence of ex-officio delegates, including DNC members in the presidential nominating process.
  • Supported a prohibition on the taking money from tobacco and fossil fuel PACs
  • Supported the DNC recognition of High School Young Democrats.
  • Supported efforts at both the CDP and DNC level to host a debate or other substantial and comparative format on a major broadcast network during prime time to discuss climate change policy (I was a co-sponsor of the DNC Climate Debate resolution).
  • Respected and supported the positions of the CDP when voting at the DNC
  • Led national efforts to increase small business owner participation in party involvement, including creating a national small business owners council newsletter, helping to establish small business caucuses in 13 states and organizing a set of tools to help Democratic small business advocates share best practices to combat years of lies about Republicans “helping” small businesses.



  • California Young Democrats
  • Santa Monica Democratic Club

CDP Officers & Region Directors

  • Jenny Bach – Secretary
  • Alex Gallardo Rooker – Vice Chair
  • Daniel Weitzman – Controller
  • William Monroe (1E)
  • Rocky Fernandez (5)
  • Hene Kelly (6) & Disabilities Caucus
  • Omar Torres (7)
  • Humberto Gomez (8)
  • Diana Love (9)
  • David Atkins (10)
  • Mark Ramos (11)
  • Larry Gross (12)
  • Miguel Martinez (13)
  • Primo Castro (15)
  • Florice Orea Hoffman (17)
  • Deborah Cunningham-Skurnik (18)
  • Amy Champ
  • Doug Kessler
  • Norberto Gonzalez
  • Carol Robb
  • Clark Lee (Asian Pacific Islander Caucus)

CDP Caucus Leaders

  • Taisha Brown – African American Caucus
  • Melissa Ramoso & Clark Lee – Asian Pacific Islander Caucus
  • Ray Bishop – Business & Professions Caucus
  • Brigette Hunley & Cecile Bendavid – Computer & Internet Caucus/Business & Professions Caucus
  • Hene Kelly – Disabilities Caucus
  • RL Miller – Environmental Caucus
  • Thomas Patrick O’Shaughnessy – Irish American Caucus
  • Tim Paulson – Labor Caucus
  • Lester Aponte – LGBT Caucus
  • Tiffany Woods – LGBT Caucus
  • Emma Jenson – Progressive Caucus
  • Glenn Glazer & Amy Champ- Rural Caucus
  • Jillynn Molina-Williams & Cullen Tiernan – Veterans Caucus
  • Christine Pelosi & Becca Doten – Women’s Caucus

County Chairs & Officers

  • Maria Alegria – Contra Costa
  • Ada Briceno – Orange
  • Paul Cohen – Marin
  • Michael Evans – Fresno
  • Nicole Fernandez – San Mateo
  • Mark Gonzalez  – Los Angeles
  • Diane Kinyon – Shasta
  • Will Rodriguez-Kennedy – San Diego
  • Tisa Rodriguez – Riverside
  • Bob Service – Humbolt
  • Terry Shanz – Sacramento
  • Bob Schelen – Yolo
  • Gail Teton-Landis – Santa Barbara
  • Robin Torello – Alameda
  • Ryan Valencia – Ventura

Elected Officials

  • State Treasurer Fionia Ma
  • Congresswoman Nanette Barragan
  • Congressman Jimmy Gomez
  • State Senator Ben Allen
  • LA City Controller Ron Galperin
  • LA City Councilman Paul Koretz
  • Artesia Councilmembers Taj Ali Sajjad and
  • Arteisa Councilmember Melissa Ramoso
  • Former Long Beach Councilwoman Tonia Uranga

Labor Leaders

  • Sen. Maria Elena Durazo
  • Willie Pelote
  • Laphonza Butler
  • Brian Allison
  • Tristan Brown
  • Cesar Diaz
  • Peter Kreysa
  • Justin Myers
  • Nikki Linnerman
  • Frank Lima
  • Jay Nye
  • Mary Rose Ortega
  • Mark Ramos
  • Jay “Bonnie” Shatun
  • Domenic Torchia
  • Jimmie Woods Gray
  • Astrid Zuniga