Looking to Make a Difference before Nov. 6th? Here’s How

As we enter the final stretch, there are no shortage of opportunities to get involved and make a difference for Barack Obama, mobilizing for Yes on 30, No on 32, or for a local candidate:

1.  Buy a ticket for the October 7th Obama “30 Days to Victory Event.

2.   Volunteer at a local field office (here’s a list of the local offices in Los Angeles).  These are the best places to help your local candidates and make a stand for/against important state initiatives such as Yes on 30 (temporary revenue increase to fund specific state programs in education, services and public safety), No on 32 (Allows companies to give more money in politics while silencing unions and public interest groups), as well as important propositions to end the death penalty in California (Prop 34), punish Sex Traffickers (Prop 35) and label genetically modified foods (Prop 37).

3.   Find a local event for Barack Obama or a local Obama Field Office.  If are from the Jewish community and want to get involved, go to Nevada or Colorado.   Email me if you are interested.

4.  Want to turn a “Red’ seat to a “Blue” one in California?  The California Democratic Party has put together “Battleground California” training for targeted races.    There are Four Assembly races (AD 8 Ken Cooley, AD 32 Rudy Salas, AD 61 Jose Medina, AD 66 Al Muratsuchi and I throw in my friend Russ Warner ), four State Senate Seats (the two most important are defending Fran Pavley‘s seat and the pickup with Marty Block in San Diego), and Eight Congressional seats (CA-7 Ami Bera, CA-11 Jose Hernandez, CA-26 Julia Brownley, CA-41 Mark Takano, CA-47 Alan Lowenthal, CA-52 Scott Peters, plus emerging candidates Jay Chen and Dr. Raul Ruiz).

There are only 45 days left to make a difference in so many very close races.  Giving your time and resources will give the candidates and causes you believe in an edge in this race.

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